Welcome to TransChoice® Plus.
A Group Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Insurance Policy underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Our health is something we take for granted – until there is a problem. TransChoice Plus helps pay basic medical expenses related to hospitalization, with optional benefits that cover other things such as surgery, accidents (off-the-job only), x-rays, prescriptions and more. You get the medical attention you need – when you need it. TransChoice Plus offers meaningful benefits that are easily understood.

When you, your spouse, or your eligible dependent children need medical care or emergency treatment from injuries of an accident, TransChoice Plus provides indemnity benefits. Benefits may be paid directly to the provider of the service or to you.

With TransChoice Plus, you can choose your own health care provider.

TransChoice Plus is not intended to replace nor do we recommend that it replace any comprehensive program of health insurance in which you currently participate in or are considering participating in.

Policy Highlights
TransChoice Plus pays indemnity benefits regardless of any other insurance you might have (no benefits are payable for expenses covered by workers’ compensation insurance). We are Transamerica Life Insurance Company, and we understand that choosing an insurance company to help protect you and your eligible family members is an important decision. With you in mind we have developed a cost-effective group limited benefit hospital indemnity insurance policy to help provide the valued protection you want and the security you need.

What is TransChoice Plus?
TransChoice Plus is a flexible and convenient, limited benefit medical insurance plan designed to provide employees with indemnity benefits for these common health care needs:

  • physician’s office visits
  • diagnostic x-ray and outpatient lab tests
  • in-hospital stays
  • surgical procedures and anesthesia
  • off-the-job accident treatment
  • prescriptions
  • physical exams and diagnostic tests
  • critical illness expenses