Enrollment Kit

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the Limited Medical Benefit Plan, 10 Year Level Term Life Insurance, Short-Term Disability, Cancer Plus (Critical Illness) Insurance and Accident Advance Insurance through Transamerica Employee Benefits are as follows:

  1. You must be an active member of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association to apply for coverage.
  2. You must be actively at work and able to perform all normal duties of your job.
  3. If you are a new NRLCA member, there is a 45 day waiting period before a new leave replacement carrier is eligible for the Plan.
  4. After the 45-day waiting period, new NRLCA members have 30 days to elect coverage in the Plan or must wait until the next open enrollment period.

During open enrollment - the 45 day waiting period is being waived. Please see policy specifics for dependent eligibility, if a dependent is currently disabled.

Leave Replacement Designation Codes

Call NRLCA membership at 703-684-5545 if you do not know.

A member is one of the following; RCR, RCA or #73

72/0 RCA Substitute rural carrier serving on a vacant route or in the absence of a regular carrier on extended leave in excess of 90 days.
73/0 RCA Substitute rural carrier. Entered on duty prior to July 21, 1981.
74/0 RCA Rural carrier associate serving a vacant route or in the absence of a regular rural carrier on extended leave in excess of 90 days.
75/0 RCR Rural carrier relief. Entered on duty between July 21, 1981 and November 12, 1986 without time limitations or between November 12, 1986, and March 30, 1996, with a time limitation and not hired from a register.
77/0 eligible Auxiliary carrier. Hired prior to 1981 to serve an auxiliary route without time limitation.
78/0 RCA Rural carrier associate. Employees hired from a register or reassigned from rural carrier relief or auxiliary carrier position on or after April 11, 1987 without time limitation.
79/0 RCA Rural carrier associate assigned to an auxiliary route.