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The Need for Disability & Life Insurance

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The unexpected death of a family member can be devastating for your loved ones. All too often, these hardships are compounded by financial losses that could have been avoided with adequate disability and life insurance.

CIGNA is pleased to offer National Rural Letter Carriers' Association members the opportunity to elect valuable insurance coverage that offers added protection for you and your family. 

Disability Insurance
What would happen to your family if you became disabled and couldn’t work?  How long would you be able to pay your mortgage or rent, car payment and everyday living expenses?  Today, many people neglect to financially protect themselves from the devastating impact of a long-term disability. Half of all personal U.S. bankruptcies, which affect two million people annually, are attributable to illness or medical bills, and about 700,000 children live in families that declared bankruptcy in the aftermath of serious medical problems.1

The odds of a disabling injury or illness may be higher than you think. Three out of every ten workers will experience an injury or illness that keeps them out of work for three months or longer.2 On average, a disabling injury occurs every 1.6 seconds.3

Voluntary Long-Term Disability (VLTD) insurance can help by giving you money for bills and other expenses when you’re sick or hurt and can’t work.  All eligible NRLCA members have the opportunity to purchase coverage from two VLTD benefit options.

Life Insurance
Whether you’re single, married, have children or are close to retirement, life insurance is a must. Voluntary Term Life (VTL) insurance provides the security loved ones need to get through the financial hardships that may accompany the death of a loved one. 

VTL pays benefits to your loved ones after you die, replacing your income and allowing the financial plans you put in place to continue uninterrupted. All eligible NRLCA members have the opportunity to purchase VTL coverage.

When determining how much life insurance you need, think about the expenses you encounter through every stage of your life. Insurance professionals recommend carrying life insurance equal to four or five times household income.4 However, since everyone’s needs are different, it’s important to assess your specific needs.

For a complete brochure, click here. (PDF version)

NEW Benefits

Included with the disability and life insurance, CIGNA is also offering:

  • Will Preparation - CIGNA makes it easy for you to take charge of those diffi cult life and health legal decisions. There are no more reasons to hesitate planning for the future with our online will preparation services. Available to individuals who have CIGNA’s Group life, accident, or disability coverage. [BROCHURE]

  • Identity Theft - Identity theft, America’s fastest growing crime, victimizes more than 11 million consumers each year.1 And it’s a silent crime, often taking a year or more for victims to discover their identity has been stolen. As a result, victims can spend years attempting to restore their credit. With this in mind, CIGNA has developed extensive resolution services to help employers and employees deal with this difficult issue. Our program provides access to personal case managers who give step-by-step assistance and guidance to employees who have had their identity stolen. [BROCHURE]

  • Healthy Rewards - From acupuncture to natural supplements. From aerobic classes to a therapeutic massage. You and your family have health choices like never before. How do you learn more about the many alternatives and choose to make them a part of your family’s healthy lifestyle? That’s the idea behind Healthy Rewards®. This program provides discounts on health programs and services as part of CIGNA’s ongoing effort to promote wellness. [BROCHURE]

  • Life Assistance Program (included with LTD only) - Just when you think you have it figured out, along comes a challenge. But whether those challenges are big or small, your Life Assistance & Work/Life Support Program is available to help you and your family find a solution and restore your peace of mind. [BROCHURE]

  • The CIGNAssurance® Program for beneficiaries - Through CIGNA’s broad employee benefits capabilities and expertise, we are able to provide a package of financial, bereavement and legal services to help Life and Personal Accident1 beneficiaries. The CIGNAssurance Program gives employees greater peace of mind that insured loved ones will have the support they need following their loss. [BROCHURE]

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